Horticultural Consultation

Cost: $90.00 per hour
(minimum 2 hours)

Our Horticultural Consultation service suits those garden owners who would like to have an in-depth discussion to help with any issues in the garden including:

  1. How to prune trees and shrubs
  2. Soil Ph analysis
  3. Pest and disease treatment
  4. Getting the right plants to fit the site condition

The Process

Before our meeting, we will ask you to fill in a Consultation Form and send it back to us so we can prepare for your individual gardening needs. This also makes our time together more productive.

On site, we’ll walk through your garden and address the issues you have one by one. I’ll have my tools with me so we can demonstrate tasks such as pruning techniques or how to prepare the soil before planting. If help with choosing plants is what you’re after, we’ll bring along our plant library to show you which plants suit your location and your garden theme.

We’ll leave you confident in tackling your gardening woes by the end of the consultation. As a complementary service, feel free to shoot us an email if you have any follow up questions. (Lengthy enquiries will need another consultation meeting.)

If you decide to get this service, congratulations! Getting the right advice will save you time and money from costly gardening mistakes so call or email us today.